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Antarctica: a WebQuest

Why is Antarctica important?  Why do we need to protect it?


Task 1 - Climate

Task 2 - Wildlife

Task 3 - Human Activities

Task 4 - The Future







Congratulations! You have worked hard to complete the WebQuest on Antarctica.  You have four tasks to hand in to your teacher.

Individual tasks:-

Task 1 - a brochure on the dangers of the Climate in Antarctica and clothing required for expeditioners.

Task 2 - a "flip card" describing an animal of Antarctica.  

Group tasks:-

Task 3 - completing a table on human activities and their effect in Antarctica.

Task 4 - the drawing up of a set of rules to protect Antarctica to be given to visitors.

In the process of doing this unit, you have learnt a lot about Antarctica.  Most of all you have worked cooperatively with your classmates to complete your WebQuest.  Now you can truly say "It is important to help protect Antarctica!"

You may like to try some Antarctica jokes on your friends at 

Antarctica Jokes

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This WebQuest has been designed by Wendy Kemp for the subject 81529 Supervised Project 1 at the University of Southern Queensland.
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