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Antarctica: a WebQuest

Why is Antarctica important?  Why do we need to protect it?


Task 1 - Climate

Task 2 - Wildlife

Task 3 - Human Activities

Task 4 - The Future







The Future - Protecting Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the world's last great wildernesses - a very fragile environment and an area of immense natural beauty and teeming with wildlife.  This area could easily be destroyed by human greed or carelessness.  It can be preserved if people respect and abide by the Antarctic Treaty.



This is your final task for this WebQuest on Antarctica.  With your group from Task 3, you will need to draw up a set of rules to protect Antarctica.  These will be given to all people visiting Antarctica.


By now you have become an expert on the climate, wildlife and human activities in Antarctica. With your other group members you will need to use this knowledge to draw up a set of 5-10 rules that would protect this environment.  Present this set of rules on a sheet of A3 art paper.

Some things you may like to make rules about are: the disposal of waste; mining, oil exploration or nuclear testing; the wildlife and their habitats; the killing and removal of wildlife; looking after the bases and research stations; permission for tourist travel and what they can do.


Use the information you have recorded in your research log book or return to the many sites and books listed.

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