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Antarctica: a WebQuest

Why is Antarctica important?  Why do we need to protect it?


Task 1 - Climate

Task 2 - Wildlife

Task 3 - Human Activities

Task 4 - The Future






The climate in Antarctica

A blizzard in Antarctica

"How cold is it in Antarctica?

It's so cold you have to climb into the freezer with the ice-cream to get warm!"

(Captain of the icebreaker, Aurora Australis, Voyage 2, 1994)

Task One

Design an illustrated brochure outlining the dangers of the climate in Antarctica, and an itemised list of essential clothing for your trip.  This brochure will be given to every new expeditioner who visits Antarctica.


There are two parts to this task.  One is describing the elements of the climate and; two is the clothing that is essential for this environment.

Climate  Describe the temperatures in summer and winter; the precipitation; the kalabatic winds; the windchill effect; blizzards and white outs.  Explain how these factors are dangerous to humans in Antarctica.
Clothing Select and describe the clothing necessary for humans in Antarctica. You will need four layers of clothing to keep the body warm as well as to keep the warm air from escaping.  Remember items for the hands, feet and head especially the skin and eyes.


Antarctica: the frozen continent at the South Pole

Australian Antarctic Division

Clothing in Antarctica

Dress your scientist

Surviving the cold

Other Resources

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